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Thursday, May 17, 2007

This week

This week’s CSO program

Adams Tromba lontana
Adams Century Rolls for Piano and Orchestra
Takemitsu Requiem
Prokofiev Scythian Suite, Opus 20
Alan Gilbert conductor
Olli Mustonen piano


10-12:30 CSO rehearsal
7:30 CSO concert

12-2:30 3:30-5:30 CSO rehearsals

10-12:30 CSO rehearsal
8 CSO concert

1:30 CSO concert

8 CSO concert



Jacque said...

Hey -- lookit that program! Does anyone do an "attendance game" like the guys who broadcast Cubs games on the radio? I say, go low!

Although it's a program I'd love!

testtube: you going this week?

Michael Hovnanian said...

Good guess. The Thursday show was probably the smallest crowd I had ever seen. Less than ½ full and we lost some of those at intermission.

testtube said...


I didn't go, but it's because of looming finals and the fact that I attended three concerts last week (Aimard's Sunday afternoon recital, the CSO on Tuesday, and the Philly Orch. on Wednesday), not the program. Aimard's recital featured works by Kurtag, Eotvos, Ligeti, Reich, Bartok and Nancarrow --- low attendance too, but wonderful enthusiasm from those who attended (I didn't see anyone leave, and the applause was amazingly sincere). That CSO program is postively welcoming in comparison...

Jacque said...

I didn't go either, but just because I'm a lump.

Great to hear about the Aimard recital.

testtube, I admire your dedication to getting out and hearing the music!