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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ravinia week 03 (July 16-22)

This week’s CSO Programs

Long Yu, Conductor
Lang Lang, Piano

Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Orchestra (sic) in B Minor
Mozart: Piano Concerto in G Major, No. 17, K. 453
Yuankai: China Air Suite (selections)
Various: The Yellow River Piano Concerto

The typo in the title of the Tchaikovsky is from the Ravinia Festival website.

Andrew Litton, Conductor
Lynn Harrell, Cello
Steve Alltop, Organ

Boccherini/Grutzmacher: Concerto No. 9 in B-flat Major, G. 482
Bloch: Schelomo, Hebrew Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra
Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 78 ("Organ" Symphony)

Andrew Litton, Conductor
Sir James Galway, Flute
Lady Jeanne Galway, Flute

Dukas: L'Apprenti Sorcier ("The Sorcerer’s Apprentice")
Ibert: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra
Overton: The Magic Flutes (Movements I, III and IV)
Debussy: La Mer






2-4:30 CSO rehearsal
7:30 CSO concert

12:30-3 CSO rehearsal
5 CSO concert

I know the above schedule makes it look as if I am doing nothing at all most of the time. However, there are a few things I have not put into my schedule. One is the Northwestern High School Summer Music Institute, NHSMI (pronounced NISH-mee), which has to be one of the most unfortunate acronyms ever devised; nevertheless, I have three talented students there this summer. My duties include lessons and master classes so I am on campus two or three days a week. Additionally, I am serving on the CSO player’s committee negotiating team. I really can’t say any more about it other than our current three-year contract is up on September 17. Meetings between the Union and Management sides (including legal counsel) are held at a swanky law office downtown and, at present, involve lots of sitting around – my first taste of collective bargaining.

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