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Monday, March 05, 2007

Return to boredom

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. Some non-music things have been eating up all of my free time lately. On top of that, my laptop crashed last week. Among the many things lost was a post on the Alpine Symphony. The quick synopsis of that is the piece is a masterwork, but I despise it. The parts were a mess and poorly bowed. Not much new there…

Recently, a colleague pronounced my blog 'uninteresting'. Maybe he used the word 'boring'.

So, in the interest of spicing things up, I include here the Gloria from the Schubert Mass MOB played last week. I actually did get the music before the first rehearsal but totally guessed wrong on the tempo and didn’t practice this movement. The marking of Maestoso e vivace was misleading – much more of the latter than the former.

This makes a good etude, I think. The tempo marking is about what we played. The fingerings are what I pulled out of my – well, hat – when scrambling through it at the first rehearsal.


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