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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A final gasp of fresh air

Tuesday, September 25

The previous post contains a glaring mistake I should correct right away. And since, miracle of miracles, I have free Internet access at least for the moment I can set things to rights.

The schedule for the first four days of the tour should read:

Depart Chicago

Arrive Torino


10-12:30 CSO rehearsal
9 CSO concert (A)

How can somebody not know when they are leaving for Europe, you ask?

The answer is simple, and even spawns the subject for a new post. What appears above is the ‘official’ tour schedule for the orchestra. I left a day early (Saturday) and went someplace else. So I’m not paying much attention to what the orchestra as a group is up to until we all convene for the rehearsal on Wednesday morning.

One of the things about touring I have come to appreciate more and more over the years is that besides rehearsals and concerts an orchestra member is free to come and go as he or she pleases. In fact, making separate arrangements becomes almost an imperative for maintaining sanity.

Of course I love all of my colleagues dearly, but I have found being in an orchestra becomes like a cross-country bus trip with about a hundred of your closest friends. The thing funny yesterday becomes today’s grating annoyance. Eventually everyone needs to get up to use the toilet and the whole thing starts to take on a certain funk. Touring tends to exacerbate those conditions. No matter how nice the scenery, it is often preferable to take a different bus.

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