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Monday, December 03, 2007

Week 12

December 3 – 9

This week’s program of the ‘orchestra which must not be named’

DELIUS A Song of Summer
SIBELIUS Symphony No. 6
WEBERN Five Pieces for Orchestra
BRAHMS Double Concerto
Mark Elder, conductor
Robert Chen, violin
Jan Vogler, cello


10-12:30 rehearsal
7:30 concert (Ravel, Shostakovich)

12-2:30 3:30-6 rehearsals
7 CBE rehearsal

10-12:30 rehearsal
8 concert

8 concert

10 CBE rehearsal
8 concert

10 CBE rehearsal

CBE is, of course, the Chicago Bass Ensemble. Last time I checked, it was OK to use the name here. We are taking part in the International Society for Improvised Music, second annual conference. If you think I’m making that up, check out their web site although at the time of this writing the link to the conference program wasn’t working properly. The CBE has a brief blurb about our performance here. That’s all I know about it.

As for that other group, I’m really looking forward to hearing Robert Chen play the Brahms. I've heard some reputable violinists come to grief over that piece, but everything I’ve heard Robert do has been stellar, so it should be a good performance. Sorry to say, I don’t know anything about the cellist.


Jacque said...

Да, друг, позволено для того чтобы использовать то имя здесь.

And I've noticed that the link to the conference proceedings on the ISIM site is now working, but it's downloading a large .pdf file, so it takes some time.


nobleviola said...

Here's an article about your mystery cellist. Sorry to hear about the name flap - it's ridiculous, but hey, that's life in an orchestra!