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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is what he meant to say….

Lincoln Bicentennial Tribute
Root - The Battle Cry of Freedom
Payne & Bishop - Home, Sweet Home
Harris - Symphony No. 6 (Gettysburg)
Bennett - Selections from Abraham Lincoln (A Likeness in Symphony Form)
Copland - Lincoln Portrait
Beethoven - Symphony No. 5

James Gaffigan, conductor
James Earl Jones, narrator
Kevin Gudahl, speaker
Gerard McBurney, speaker

I think the last time our orchestra performed the Lincoln Portrait the junior senator from our state did the narration. Since he went on to bigger and better things James Earl Jones stepped in and schooled everybody in the meaning of star power. Still, having the current junior senator do the honors might have made for an entertaining evening. Program notes or a post-concert press conference could have clarified and revised the senator’s narration. Besides, we might have been able to boast hosting one of his final public appearances.

Not sure what Beethoven 5 was doing on this concert – Lincoln’s favorite piece? Fate knocking at the door? Music that brings on a headache?


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure Beethoven 5 made it on there to a concert I don't think interests many people and the symphony wants to sell some tickets? I mean, maybe I'm speaking for myself, but frankly I'm getting a little tired already of Lincoln themed concerts. But then there's an entire 2 months of Lincoln tribute at Ravinia. haha.

Brad said...

And who's not tired of Beethoven 5 by now?

eric said...

Fate knocking is Darth Vader's favorite "song". Don'tcha know? :-)

Andrew said...

The Harris piece is kind of a dog, but its slow movement does open with a halfway decent bass soli passage.