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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Marcello sonatas recording project, part 11

Please forgive the lengthy gap between the 2nd and 3rd movements of this Sonata. I really needed a vacation.

The 3rd movement, Largo, a simple affair at first glance, with almost nothing to it, nonetheless gave me some food for thought. Largo should be faster than the first movement, Adagio, or so I have read, but what to make of the long note values? Just looking at something written all in minims make me want to play it slowly, perhaps out of nothing more than some sort of 'received musical wisdom'. Also, the simplicity of this movement left it wide open to all sorts of ornamentation. But when it came time to play it, I just couldn't do it. Maybe the fact the orchestra was playing Mahler 9th that week and I was desperately longing for something understated to play had a role in my decision to jettison all ornaments.

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