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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Monday – travel from Essen to Munich, concert in Munich

This is the time on tour when a few people find themselves going to the wrong room in the hotel, remembering the number from the previous day. In fact, today is something of a cookie-cutter copy of yesterday: Sheraton, bus, airport, bus, Hilton, modern German concert hall, beer, sleep.

Munich has a lot more charm than Essen but we had less time in which to enjoy it. Feeling a bit under the weather, I spent two of the five hours free between travel and concert sleeping and then practiced, which never makes me feel any better. I got my beer drinking in after the concert.

The Philharmonie in Munich is another of the generic modern German type concert hall. The sound seemed warmer and with more nuance than the hall in Essen but with our ‘all bombast all the time program’ it was difficult to make anything out.

Again, the German audience seemed underwhelmed with our antics and there were a noticeable number of empty seats. The last two days have really had the ‘let’s collect our fee and then get the heck out of Germany’ feel to them.

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