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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Thursday – Travel to London

Today, musicians had the option of staying in Paris for a free day or traveling to London. In part to avoid yet another day of travel and concert, I chose to go to London. Since I did not stay at the orchestra hotel I made my way to the Gare du Nord on foot lugging my suitcase. I was just finishing a cup of coffee when the group arrived en masse. By the time I paid the bill I was the last person in line. When I got to the point where we were being handed our boarding passes the CSO staffer gave me a curious look. To be fair, I don’t know her name either, I but I do know she works for the CSO.

“Uh, are you traveling with the CSO?” she asks.

“Uh, yes, I’m in the orchestra.”

“Hmm, we seem to be out of boarding passes. Are you sure you’re supposed to travel today?”

“Yes, I am,” I respond, pointing to my name in the tour book.

As it turned out, one of my colleagues (God love him) had showed up a day early by accident and had already taken a boarding pass. Eventually another was produced and things went more or less smoothly from there.

I’ve waited years to finally go through the Chunnel. As with most highly anticipated things, the reality of it didn’t live up to expectations – just under half an hour in the dark and it was all over. I know there’s an off-color joke lurking here, but I’ll pass for now.

The bus ride from Waterloo station to the hotel traversed the two miles in just about an hour. After finally checking in, the rest of the day went by pleasantly.

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