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Thursday, October 08, 2009



Nice to be in truly world class city. On past trips the driest place to be in London has been onstage at Royal Festival Hall, but this time around the weather cooperates. After Paris, the city looks beautifully clean.

The two concerts here (Mozart/Brahms, Haydn/Bruckner) were well received, although as in the other cities much of the adulation was directed towards Haitink. Musically, this has to be one of the most satisfying tours I can recall – consistently high levels of performance from the orchestra, no histrionics from the podium, full houses. I wonder this is our last trip with Haitink since we have a new boss coming in next year. If so, it's a somewhat bittersweet moment, for me anyway.


tlr989 said...

How did the Mendelssohn 3rd concert go for you last week? I enjoyed myself at that concert.

Michael Hovnanian said...

Thursday and Friday went well, then I got the flu and missed Saturday, so I'm sure that was the best performance. The orchestra seemed in good for that week.