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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marcello Sonatas recording project 07

The project continues with the 3rd movement, Largo. I'm quite fond of this little movement. It brings to mind a scene of extreme torpor, if that is the right word to describe the feeling one might have on a long, lazy Italian afternoon, with the heat shimmering out over the fields, while you sit in the relative cool beneath a Roman arch, a bottle of wine slowly draining as the day settles towards evening.

I'm not sure if two double basses can bring something like that off, but, hey, I tried.

click below to listen

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R. E. HARRIS said...

A very interesting project. I'm calling it to my grandson's attention, a 2.5 years in bass player and beginning composer.

Somehow he got bit by the music bug as he passed his 12th birthday, telling his parents that he was going to learn to play the bass. (He now is also working on bassoon and piano, the latter at the direction of his composition teacher.)

I'll try to get him to take off the music and put it on a cd for me to listen.

I like your blog, better when there is more in it than when your are away much. These entries and the Thesaurus Rex story are the sort of things that make looking in worthwhile for me.

R. E. Harris