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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Brush with greatness

I am honored to appear as a guest on Jason Heath’s podcast this week. There is a lot of me talking, a little of me playing and even a photograph to go along with it. [Note to students: do not emulate the hand position as seen in that photo – truly shameful. I think I was trying to give somebody off camera the finger.] Anyhow, for a partial account of my misspent student days, check out the podcast.

Many thanks to Jason for including me in the pantheon of interviewees.


Karajan fan said...

I liked the podcast a lot,- Slowly but surely you are becoming more publicly known.

Michael Hovnanian said...

Yes, I know. That is the downside to this whole endeavor.

Matt Heller said...

I also enjoyed the interview, and a beautiful performance of the Brahms E minor sonata exposition. It seemed odd to segue from the beginning of the development to a funk bass solo though! Any chance you'll be releasing the complete recording?