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Friday, June 01, 2007

Writing wrongs

This week’s CSO program

Brahms Symphony No. 1
Brahms Violin Concerto

You’re kidding, right?

Yes, we’re kidding.

Brahms Violin Concerto
Brahms Symphony No. 1
Vadim Repin violin
Myung-Whun Chung conductor

Due to a ‘miscommunication’ (which usually means nobody in our management remembered to communicate) Chung arrived at the first rehearsal before being informed of the inverted program order. Christoph von Dohnáyi was originally slated to conduct this week. I’m not sure what happened to him, but his program would have been Brahms 3 followed by the violin concerto. I guess when symphony and conductor were changed nobody considered that Brahms 1 really ought to end the concert…


7:30 CSO concert

12-2:30 3:30-6 CSO rehearsals

10-12:30 CSO rehearsal
8 CSO concert

1:30 CSO concert

8 CSO concert

7 Ars Viva concert


nobleviola said...

I'm glad that our guys aren't the only ones to make stupid mistakes like that one - how's KYC sounding these days?

Jacque said...

1) Well, at least they're not trying to deny that something was wrong with the communication, somewhere.

2) Is it just me that is too lazy to go to the CSO site and look up whether these dates relate to "May 28 - June 3" or "June 4 - June 10", or would other people be helped by having the actual dates in your listing (since it's being published on Friday, I'm confused).


Michael Hovnanian said...


First, I assumed ‘this week’ posted on Friday, June 1 would obviously refer to 5/28-6/3. This blog (if you can believe it) generates a fairly steady stream of hate mail and offensive commentary, so I regarded any ambiguity as to my whereabouts on a given day and time as a sort of security measure. But I am willing to put my life on the line if it will make things clearer.

Sorry to be dense, but who or what is KYC? Sounds like a restaurant, or one of those ‘personal hygiene’ products...

Jacque said...

Don't worry about the dates, then. If it really feels important to me, I can cross-reference the CSO website.

Although you and I have talked about it before, I'm really amazed that anyone would go to the trouble of sending nastygrams to you based on your writings here. Impotent grizzled old principals taking a break from their online porn, I suppose.

Michael Hovnanian said...

That, combined with a dollop of sour grapes I imagine.

I probably should have put dates on those 'weekly schedule' posts from the outset, but in my optimism I assumed I would post those regularly every Monday.

Jacque said...

Ah, optimism.

That's at the heart of this whole enterprise--for all of us--isn't it?