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Friday, April 29, 2011

My Bad!

After listening to the MP3 files I'd posted, I realized something was amiss. The files were converted at the lowest possible bit rate, rather than the highest. This whole project is a friggin' learning experience for me in the worst possible way. Anyhow, I reconverted and re-upped all the tracks this evening, so they should sound a bit better. Nothing to be done about the out of tune notes, unfortunately.

The links in all the original posts should work for the re-upped files from this point onward. All the tracks can be accessed on one page by clicking below.

Marcello Sonatas


Jacque said...

"Nothing to be done about the out of tune notes..." au contraire, my friend:

I see you still have much to learn ;-)

Michael Hovnanian said...

Here's a cool quote from a bass blog I ran across:

"... and I would not resort to any sort of editing, pitch correction, or other digital wizardry to make the end product more palatable to the ear."

Remember, there's a test at the end...

Unknown said...

Will you make the sonatas available for download or put them up on iTunes? I've really enjoyed listening to these tracks, and would be more than happy to pay to download them!

Michael Hovnanian said...

Should have mentioned this earlier: I think you can download the files by clicking on the arrow to the right. If you really want to send me money, email me.